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Yummy brownies
Bon Appétit

Quicky Brownies

Have you ever had a crazy need for chocolate (or anything sweet for that matter)? Well, if you don’t want to feel “guilty” about eating 3 brownies in one seating…

blue berries cookies
Bon Appétit

Galletas Fit

¿Tienes antojos de dulces? No te preocupes, tengo la solución perfecta para ti. Al igual que ustedes, soy amante del dulce y sobre todo si tiene que ver con chocolate.…

Bon Appétit

Easy & Healthy Crumble Pomme

There is nothing better in this world, at least to me, than to have some dessert after a good meal, and it’s even better if you can have your favorite dessert…

Bon Appétit

Sweet Potato Fries

Cuando llega el antojo de comerme unas papas fritas siempre acudo a prepararlas en el horno, no solo porque son más saludables si no porque, aunque no lo crean, es…

Bon Appétit

Healthy Breakfast Pancakes

Hola!! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day, well, actually no, I like to eat so let’s just say that breakfast is important to start your day…

Bon Appétit

Baked Platanitos

In Venezuela, and generally in Latin America, we eat a lot of green plantain: in soups or sancochos, fried or baked sweet plantain (the yellow one), and of course as…