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Les 2 Sis’ First Post


To be honest, this is not the first post of the blog but it is the first post that has both of us hanging out. This post is an oldie (around May 2016, I think). We planned to launch the blog in June of this year but it got a bit complicated (surprises in life) and thus, we had to postpone the “blog launch date”. We still gotta put our first pictures together though!

Some of you may know that Moni lives in Barcelona while I live in Paris (suburbs). So whenever we see each other, we take as many pictures  (and snapchats) as possible to later share them on our instagram and blog. So, without further ado, here are some of our first pictures together.

Different styles

Piggy ride

Best friends and sisters

The picture below is in front of  “The Wall of I Love You’s” or “Le mur des je t’aime” written in different languages. This wall is in the Square Jehan Rictus garden, by place des Abbesses in Montmartre (Paris, 18eme arrondisement). If you are ever in Paris, you must check it out. It is a beautiful monument dedicated to love.

Les 2 Sis hanging out in Paris


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